Upcoming Event - COVID-19 fundraiser for Senegalese Association of the Dmv

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SA-DMV is to help bridge the technological gap between rich and low-income communities. Our goal is to provide our community with tools and knowledge to empower them and access the information we all need. We seek to help them acquire the skills to use a computer to learn, communicate and find a job. We are implementing a computer ownership assistance program by helping low-income people acquire the computer hardware and software they need to upgrade their computer skills. At the same time, we offer computer training courses to people who want to acquire the knowledge and skills to become computer technicians without paying the thousands of dollars these courses usually entail. Our Education Team needs your involvement in our IT training and tutoring programs with volunteers and IT professionals who can share their expertise in the classroom.

IT Training Classes

  • Upcoming Classes: SECURITY+ With Baidy Sall

Radio Program

DMV MALICK Radio Every Saturday night from 8-11pm ET. Listen online or your phone 716-748-0358.

Emission du 11 Avril 2020
Listen to us live every Saturday between 20H00 - 23H00
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Live show every Thursday night 9-11pm ET. Listen: 518-800-1034 Participate: 712-775 7035 access code: 966587# More info online.

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