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About Us

The Senegalese Association of the DMV SA-DMV (formally known as TeamSenegal) is a non-profit organization devoting its energy to organize the senegalese community within the Washington DC Metropolitan Area through empowerment, cultural enrichment and community building all while promoting senegalese culture. We aim to enhance educational, social and cultural activities through the creation of a common center that will provide information or referrals services to our members.

Our Mission

The Senegalese Association Of The DMV (SA-DMV) is a community organization dedicated to Senegalese and friends of Senegal in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area (GWMA), in particular, and in the United State of America, in general. Our mission is to:

  1. Foster interaction, unity, and solidarity among members of the Senegalese community and the friends of Senegal.
  2. Introduce Senegal and its rich and diverse culture to the rest of the GWMA and to the US community as a whole.
  3. Work to improve the mental and physical health of members of the community through activities related to sport, fitness, nutrition, education and culture; more specifically, alert and inform the community on the consequences of obesity and chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.
  4. Support charitable projects directed at improving health and well being in Senegal.

Meet The Team

Mody Ndiaye

President -Mody Ndiaye is a humanitarian, a community organizer and an activist who likes to motivate and guide members to work together. He is a devoted servant of his community and believes that the commitment to serve the community gives us the opportunity to become active members of our community and has a lasting positive impact on society in general. He believes that if you do good to others and to the community, you will feel a natural sense of accomplishment and your role as a volunteer can only give you a sense of pride and identity.
Mody likes to organize young people in the community around sports activities like soccer. He believes that sports activities can not only help you live healthier lives by reducing diabetes and high blood pressure, but also that you meet people with whom you share moments of exchange and networking. He is co-host of the DMV Senegalese community radio (SA-DVM Radio Alias Radio MALICK), a fervent Pan-Africanist who believes that Africa can only be developed if it is united and fights the ills that plague the African continent especially the corruption of our leaders, unethical practices, bad governance, lack of organization and ignorance resulting from illiteracy. However, he strongly believes that this MUST begin with us, with our local community organizations that we lead. He believes that African leaders must first and foremost recognize that unity in Africa is in our interest and the only option for achieving peace, stability and economic development. Africa has not reached its rich potential and has the capacity to be autonomous and not to rely on foreign aid. Mody is a native of Dakar and lives in Maryland. He works as an IT Lead Senior Systems Engineer contracting with the Federal government.

Marie Louise Cissokho

Vice-President - Marie Louise Cissokho is a native of Dakar, Senegal, and lives in Washington DC. She is an entrepreneur and a businesswoman. Besides being the Vice President of SA-DMV AKA Team Senegal🇸🇳, she is also the Owner of Saafara Tea Company and a coordinator of the Collectif of the Senegalese Associations of the DMV.

Ben Diedhiou

General Secretary - Ben Diedhiou is a native of Dakar, Senegal, he is always up to serve his people, his community, his country , and his continent. He strongly believes that volunteering in community service does good for the community, but does so much for himself as an individual and a believer as well. According to Ben, volunteering is not only an act of giving his time and service to a cause without any payment, but also, a way of life that defines him. Ben is an Pan-African and Senegalese Outreach, and his bi-cultural background and focus on community collaboration has led him to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles where he would be coordinating volunteers, helping members and motivating others. He is an Entreprenor, a business and financial adviser, an event planner, a producer, a TV and radio host. He is a big fan of soccer, art and culture and his goal in life is to inspire others to serve and give back to their community, country and continent in any positive way they can. He always says that: "An objective diversity must be a source of strength, tolerance, solidarity, unity, and success, but absolutely not a source of division or separation which lead to any sort of failure"

Maimouna G. Fall

Vice-Secretary - Maimouna G. Fall was born and raised in Senegal. Maimouna is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a Masters Degree. She is currently enrolled in a Doctoral program for Healthcare Administration. Her present job title is Vascular Access Specialist at Walter National Military Medical Center (“where the Nation heals its heroes”). Her experience also involves numerous medical mission trips in Senegal where she organizes free health screenings, medications and education for health promotion and disease prevention. She is very pleased to have the opportunity to serve her community in the DMV area.

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